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Early Career Advice: The essential guide to building a career in strategy & consulting
Kaja Paramothayan
, 15th December 2021
5 min read
Recruitment Resources

There’s already a lot of information out there to help graduates get their first jobs, but where can you turn to for advice once you’ve already started to make your mark as a young professional? Here at Hiperpool, we work with some of the most exciting consultancies, start-ups, corporates, and investment firms in the world - so we know a thing or two about establishing a successful career in these spheres. This comprehensive guide lays out all our tips & tricks for young professionals looking to build a career in consulting or strategy.

Check out the following sections based on what career stage you’re in:

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“I’m looking for a job.”

Whether you’re thinking about applying for new roles, looking for help with your interviews, or are interested in what salary you should expect, check out the resources below and let us help you get your next job.

Finding your next opportunity

  • How to Leverage Your Network During the Job Search’: Developing relationships with other professionals is important - but how can you actually utilise your network to find a new job? Check out this article to find out more about how you can find & make the most of new connections.
  • 5 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out’: Read through ex-McKinsey consultant Lulu Chang’s thoughts on how you use your resume to stand out from the crowd and put your best foot forward when applying for jobs.
  • Consulting Resume: the Ultimate Guide’: Our partners at IGotAnOffer have put together this all-inclusive guide to writing a consulting resume, going through what top consulting firms are looking for along with writing tips.
  • The Best Career & Recruitment Advice from the First Half of 2020’: The ‘Tips for getting into your next role’ section of this article goes into more detail on how you can find jobs in specific industries, given the challenges of COVID-19 - including functional strategy, corporate development, and corporate strategy.
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Interview tips

  • How to Master the Management Consultancy Interview’: Keen to join a top consultancy firm? Read this article and discover the best ways to prepare so you can secure that consulting job offer.
  • Interviewing with a Startup: The Essential Guide for Candidates without Startup Experience’: If you are more intrigued by roles at high-growth startups, check out this article to learn about how these interviews differ from those at consultancies and corporates, and how you can succeed in them.
  • The Startup and Corporate Case Interview’: Most strategy job processes at startups or corporates will include a case study, and it is essential to prepare thoroughly for this. Have a read of our blog post for more information on what to expect, how to prepare, and past examples of case studies.
  • Celebrating One Year of Partnership with IGotAnOffer’: Hiperpool members can receive a 20% discount on coaching sessions with IGotAnOffer, the leading provider of courses and coaching services for interview prep. Read more about how our partnership has helped professionals acquire exciting job offers at top companies, and sign up to Hiperpool to make the most of this offer.
  • How to Write a Thank-You Note’: Thank-you notes after the interview itself are a great way of separating yourself from other applicants, and help you stay on top of the interviewer’s mind - check out this article to learn more about how to write an effective thank-you note.

Salary Information

  • Earlier this year we collected data from companies, Hiperpool members and other sources, on management consulting salaries around the world. Check out the links below to discover what analysts are making at 11 top firms:
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  • Salary Negotiation: The only article you’ll need to read’: Once you’ve been offered a new job, you may want to negotiate your salary based on this information so no money is being left on the table. Have a look at this article to find out what you should consider when negotiating your salary, whether it’s for a new role or even a pay rise at your current job.

“I’m thinking about transitioning to a new industry/career.”

If you’re unhappy in your current role, it can be tricky to determine whether this is just a momentary slump or something more serious. Read through our advice on how to make the difficult decision to change careers, along with information on what you can expect from different industries.

Advice on changing your career path

A career in consulting

Other roles

Aside from consulting, we have a myriad of articles about other strategy roles and how they fit into corporates and startups.

  • What is Product Management in startups and technology companies?’: We spoke with three Product Managers from various technology companies about what the role of a Product Manager looks like, along with discussing advice for people wanting to make the move to Product Management.
  • What is Business Development?’: Read about the key strategic responsibilities in a Business Development role and why it could be an interesting career move.
  • What is Business Operations or “BizOps”?’: Discover what it takes to be successful in Business Operations and how to secure a role in this industry.
  • What is Customer Success?’: Check out this interview with a Customer Success Manager from a leading London-based tech startup to find out what Customer Success entails and what you need to succeed in this role.

“How can I make the most of my current role?”

Check out the resources below for tips on how you can ensure you’re getting the most out of your current role and setting the foundations for a successful career in consulting or strategy.

Career guidance

  • How and Why you Should Define a Personal Development Plan with your Manager’: When still early in your career, it’s crucial to put together a personal development plan to identify your strengths, weaknesses and future goals. Read through ex-McKinsey consultant Lulu Chang’s thoughts on how creating a personal development plan can help make your career aspirations a reality. 
  • How to Think about your Career During a Crisis’: Worried about how COVID-19 might be affecting your career plans? Find out more about how young professionals should think about their careers during these difficult times, and what skill sets will be required during the recovery, by checking out this Q&A with the Chief of Staff and a Project Manager at Chime, a tech company in the challenger-banking space.
  • The Hidden Benefits of Side Hustles and Volunteering’: Ex-IBM consultant and current MBA candidate Colin Welch talks about partaking in activities beyond your primary occupation can help young professionals explore potential career paths, and gain new skills & experiences as a result.
  • Three Approaches to Accelerate Building Professional Relationships’: Developing positive professional relationships can be vital to progressing in your career. Have a read through this article to learn more about how best to network and build relationships in the working world.

Consulting advice

  • ‘Thriving as an Introvert or Extrovert in Management Consulting: Part 1 and Part 2’: Concerned about whether your personality is a good fit for consulting? Both extroverts and introverts can find their niche and succeed in the consulting world. Check out this series to find out how.
  • Be the Best Consultant Ever: 6 Things That Will Make You Great’: This piece from The Muse goes into more detail on the qualities you can develop to thrive in a consulting role and succeed in your career.
  • Women in Business: The Biggest Concerns about a Career in Management Consulting’: Consulting is stereotypically a male-dominated industry, so if you have any worries about whether steps are being made to address these issues, read through this article where we address assumptions regarding women in consulting.

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