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Should you send a Thank-You note after an interview?
Antonio Leone
, 15th August 2018
6 min read
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“80% of hiring managers consider a thank-you note influential when evaluating candidates.”

Whenever you finish an interview, make sure to send a thank-you note. Research highlights the importance of sending a message post-interview. A 2017 survey found that 68 percent of recruiters and hiring managers consider thank-you messages in their decision-making processes*. So why is it so important to send a thank-you note?

  • Stay top of mind – After a day packed with interviews, candidates start blending. Sending a thank-you note can ensure that the employer remembers you. Be sure to reference specific moments from your conversation to make the message more personal.
  • Fix any missteps – Perhaps your interview went well. Or maybe it didn’t go as well as you think. Your thank-you note is the perfect opportunity to clean up any mistakes you made in conversation, rephrase anything you miscommunicated during the interview, and add any important information you may have overlooked.
  • Reinforce your candidacy –  After having talked to someone at the company, you’re probably more aware of the requirements than when you applied in the first place. A thank-you note gives you the opportunity to highlight skills that are relevant to the role based on your improved understanding of what the employer is looking for. Utilize the information to your advantage by pinpointing in your thank-you letter what you would bring to the company.
  • It’s polite – Sending a thank-you note is good manners! Remember writing thank-you notes as a kid? Even if you told Uncle John how thankful you were for your new rain jacket, you still had to write a thoughtfully worded note. This does not change as we grow up, manners are still equally appreciated and it’s always polite to pass along appreciation when someone takes time from their day for you.

Finally, sending a thank-you note surely isn’t going to harm you. If anything, it might just help you. And with only 24% of hiring managers receiving thank-you notes from applicants**, sending one might help you “stand-out”.


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