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3 Steps to start your move into Venture Capital
Antonio Leone
, 31st January 2019
6 min read

At present, Venture Capital (VC) is one of the most attractive career moves for management consultants and investment bankers. While the attraction is clear, the transition is not as straightforward. Venture Capital Investment roles require individuals to identify potential investment opportunities, contribute to the investment decision-making process and support startups. That’s why VCs tend to hire professionals with strong track records in leading, building or investing in startups. This means that consultants and bankers need to make an extra effort to break into the Venture Capital industry. As Michelle Nacouzi emphasises, “less than 5% of PE/VC hires come from consulting, [banking] or accounting firms.”1

To help our members successfully move into VC, we decided to reach out to someone who is currently making the transition and reveal which actions he took towards achieving this goal.

Kevin Jon was a management consultant at a top consulting firm for 3 years and decided to launch a startup accelerator during the second half of his consulting career. He is now in the process of moving to Asia and joining the VC & Incubation industry. He told us about his decision to move from MC to VC, and what he did to make that happen.

Why move to VC?

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