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A Career at Apple, Facebook or Google as a Non-Engineer
Sydney Maxwell
, 16th August 2019
13 min read

In this article you will learn:

  • Where to find non-engineers in Big Tech companies
  • How to get into Big Tech 
  • What it’s like working as a non-engineer in Big Tech
  • What career growth looks like
  • Tips for working in Big Tech

In the latest Forbes Global 2000 (an annual list which ranks the largest public companies around the world), 184 technology companies were included, with combined revenue of $262 billion. This 40% increase compared with last year shows just how strong growth is within the tech industry. Unsurprisingly, this list is dominated by the Big Tech companies, conglomerates like Apple (currently the world’s second most profitable company), Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Google, the multinational corporations who exercise an inordinate influence on global technology.

But Big Tech is no longer the sole domain of engineers and software developers. This is evidenced by a July 2018 Glassdoor survey which found that of all the available positions advertised by tech businesses, 43% were for non-tech roles. The prestige that comes with working in Big Tech, coupled with the excellent perks that are routinely on offer (including positive job culture, big salaries, flexible working conditions and high-value insurance plans), has led an increasing number of consultants and business professionals seeking out roles within the tech industry.

Where to Find Non-Engineers in Big Tech Companies

Although the roles available to non-engineers will vary depending on the size and setup of the company, some of the most commonly advertised roles include: account executive, project manager, sales manager, operations manager, marketing manager, and financial analyst.

Within these companies, you’ll most likely find ex-consultants playing roles within strategy and operations, product management, business development, business operations, account management and marketing. Although this list isn’t exhaustive, this is where a large portion of our members end up going when they take roles in Big Tech.

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