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Five Tips for Employers Leading Remote Interviews
Georgia Cooper
, 27th March 2020
4 min read
For Employers

The move to working from home amidst the coronavirus crisis has seen much of our work processes switching to virtual platforms. Whilst some companies are pausing recruitment processes, many are pushing ahead with interviews and finding new ways to create successful candidate experiences online. Here are five top tips to ensure constructive and enjoyable video interviews:

1. Do a test run

Before the interview, test call one of your colleagues to ensure that your video and microphone are working. This will also give you the chance to check what will be in the background during the interview. Ask the interviewee to do the same and give them someone to contact in case they need help setting up the software to make sure you both get off to a smooth start. 

2. Have a plan B in case of technical difficulties

It may be 2020 but computer blips still happen. Check that the hiring manager has the interviewee’s email address and phone number in case there are issues with the video conferencing software. If you can’t make it work, you can either switch to a phone interview or reschedule.

3. Remember body language is still important

Building rapport virtually can be a little more difficult than face to face. As such, it's critical to remember your body language whilst interviewing. Keep arms unfolded with a relaxed, attentive posture and smile. To minimize distractions from other open windows, make the interview full screen and give the interviewee your undivided attention by making eye contact.

4. Communicate the timeline clearly

The move to home interviews will probably have caused some changes to your standard interview process. For candidates who are in the middle of a process, it is vital that you are transparent about the new timeline to avoid any confusion or frustration. Equally, explaining how the interview process has been impacted to candidates at the beginning will mean that everyone knows what to expect.

5. Don’t worry too much

These are extraordinary circumstances and it might not be possible to set up an absolutely perfect remote interview. If a child or a cat jumps into yours or the interviewee’s screen, just laugh about it. Being honest about the situation and the way your company is dealing with it will give the interviewee a better insight into your company culture as well as relieve some tension!


For further advice on moving your hiring process online, get in touch with our Client Success Team.


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