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Getting Mentored During COVID-19
Lulu Chang
, 11th May 2020
6 min read
Recruitment Resources

A global pandemic may not seem like an environment conducive to improving your job prospects, but the savviest among us may be able to find the proverbial silver lining during these uncertain times. After all, the new normal of working from home has left many of us with considerably more time on our hands than previously anticipated, and finding productive ways to fill that time can be as simple as picking up the phone. 

For a number of MBA candidates and recent MBA graduates, the last few months have presented a unique window of opportunity to ask respected peers and potential mentors for advice—not only about how best to navigate choppy waters, but also for more general insights around keeping sane during stressful situations, how to prepare for weeks and months ahead, and what to expect from a rapidly changing job market. These conversations, in addition to being germane and useful for contemporary times, could also be key to laying the groundwork for future success. 

Whether you have a job or are seeking employment in newly uncertain times, developing connections at this moment is an excellent way to cement yourself as a humble, thoughtful, and desirable candidate for this moment or the next. 

Here are a few tips for developing meaningful mentor/mentee relationships in the time of a pandemic:

Be proactive 

If you’re finding yourself sitting on your couch for inordinate amounts of time, this could be the perfect time to begin building your network and finding a potential mentor. While highly-tenured working professionals are accustomed to being asked for favours,...

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