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Here’s what it’s like to work in a Private Equity-backed company
Kaja Paramothayan
, 22nd June 2022
8 min read

Have you ever thought about working in a private equity portfolio company? According to Bain & Company, the average private equity (PE) deal size in 2021 was around $1 billion - an increase of 57% from the previous year. In return for this large investment, PE firms expect the value of the acquired company to steadily grow, so they can eventually exit by selling their equity stake for a profit. This means that working for a PE-backed business can be a rewarding, yet demanding, experience. Above all, it’s a unique opportunity to have a big impact on an organisation and thrive in a fast-paced environment.

We spoke to several ex-consultants who made a move to PE portfolio companies, and discovered the key advantages of doing so and tips on how to succeed. Read on to learn more!

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Advantages of working at a PE-backed company

Fast-paced environment

“I joined a PE portfolio company at the beginning of a very impressive business plan. This meant lots of changes were going to happen quickly.”

If you’re interested in working within a high-growth, dynamic environment, without the typical risks associated with early-stage startups, joining a PE-backed firm could be right for you. Organisations acquired by PE firms are bound to expect high degrees of change, which has to happen relatively quickly if the PE firm is to exit in the expected ~4-7 year timeframe. This means you’ll be working in an environment where decisions are made swiftly, as there is a condensed timeline to create exponential growth for the company. New ideas come to life rapidly and you can see the impact of your day-to-day work relatively quickly - making this ideal for anyone who’s highly motivated to flourish when presented with many challenges.

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