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Role Rundown: A Conversation with a Manager from Bain & Company
Sydney Maxwell
, 26th January 2021
7 min read

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Can you explain a bit about your journey into your current role?

I entered my current role at Bain & Company via my business school (INSEAD). Going into INSEAD I was vaguely aware of consulting as a career option, and that it was attractive to a lot of business school candidates but it wasn’t my intention to go into it after school. I originally intended to go into infrastructure private equity after my MBA. Something related to construction but more from a business perspective.

However, after a few months of business school, I realized that I wasn’t as sure of what I wanted as I originally thought. Consulting is a fantastic option for those still trying to make up their mind - you work with many types of companies across many types of industries to try to solve many types of problems, so you gain a ton of exposure. Your time in consulting can help you figure out what you want to do afterwards. This was my rationale and it’s paid off

Can you give a brief overview of what your role entails? 

In consulting you are part of teams that develop analysis and output that helps solve client problems. The role changes depending on if you’re a junior or senior member of the team. As a case team leader (a more senior member), I initially develop a problem statement based on early interactions with the client

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