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Startup Salaries 2021
, 15th February 2022
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At Hiperpool, we work with some of the most innovative and rapidly growing startups in sectors including fintech, retail, healthcare, and many more. Skills shortages and the “Great Resignation” means competition for talent is rife; hence, a strong hiring strategy is vital so startups can achieve success in their early stages of operation. This includes a generous compensation package as detailed in our 2021 Annual Salary Report.

Startup respondents who reported being offered equity: United Kingdom

Startups tend to offer equity rather than large bonuses, as a way of competing with more established companies to attract the brightest talent. As expected there is a correlation between equity and years of experience, with seasoned candidates in leadership roles more likely to receive equity packages. 

For more information on startup compensation packages across our key geographies, please download our Hiperpool 2021 Annual Salary Report here.

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