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Moving from Finance to Consulting: The Ultimate Guide
Kaja Paramothayan 22nd March 2022
Jobs in consulting and banking share certain similarities: both are typically eyed up by driven individuals, who ...
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PE / VC Salaries 2021
Hiperpool 15th March 2022
At Hiperpool, we work with private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) firms across our main regions to help hir...
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Corporate Salaries 2021
Hiperpool 3rd March 2022
With increasing levels of digital transformation and a greater focus on hybrid work, corporate organisations have...
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Consulting Salaries 2021
Hiperpool 22nd February 2022
At Hiperpool, we collaborate with top consultancy firms of different specialities and sizes, helping them identif...
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Startup Salaries 2021
Hiperpool 15th February 2022
At Hiperpool, we work with some of the most innovative and rapidly growing startups in sectors including fintech,...
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2021 Annual Salary Report
Hiperpool 9th February 2022
2021 was a tumultuous year, with COVID-19 still influencing our lives in many ways. Throughout it all, it’s been ...
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Early Career Advice: The essential guide to building a career in strategy & consulting
Kaja Paramothayan 15th December 2021
There’s already a lot of information out there to help graduates get their first jobs, but where can you turn to ...
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Joseph Nolte, Bain Consultant and LBS alumnus, talks all things MBA and Consulting
Sydney Maxwell 29th July 2021
Jump to the following questions: Can you explain a bit about your background and your journey before your M...
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How to leverage your network during the job search
Anne-Louise Westad 22nd June 2021
One of the most important aspects of our professional growth is the ability and confidence to network. We aren’t ...
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Salary Negotiation: The only article you’ll need to read
Anne-Louise Westad 9th December 2020
Whether you’re asking for a pay rise or starting a new job, it’s common to feel uncomfortable when negotiating yo...
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The Startup and Corporate Case Interview
Sydney Maxwell 29th September 2020
When interviewing with startups or corporates, especially for a strategy role, you’ll often come across a case st...
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The Best Career & Recruitment Advice from the First Half of 2020
Sydney Maxwell 28th July 2020
As we head into the second half of 2020, we thought it was time to reflect on the first six months of a year we a...
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How to Think about your Career During a Crisis: A Q&A with Dennis Yu and Nick Madrid from Chime
Hiperpool 3rd June 2020
As a result of COVID-19, companies have pulled back, slowed hiring, and even reduced their workforce. It’s a chal...
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Getting Mentored During COVID-19
Lulu Chang 11th May 2020
A global pandemic may not seem like an environment conducive to improving your job prospects, but the savviest am...
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Thriving as an Introvert or Extrovert in Management Consulting: Part 2
Hiperpool 10th January 2020
Part 2: What makes for a successful consultant and how to compensate for personality traits In Part 1, we look...
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Thriving as an Introvert or Extrovert in Management Consulting: Part 1
Hiperpool 10th January 2020
Part 1: Understanding inversion and extroversion in management consulting You might have heard that successful...
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McKinsey Summer Consultant explains “What to Expect” and “How to Prepare” for a Career in Consulting
Lulu Chang 6th November 2019
In this article you will learn: What you can expect from a role in management consulting How you can prep...
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How to Make an International Career Move
Hiperpool 30th October 2019
In this article you will learn: Why you should consider an international career move What to consider bef...
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How Top Professionals Stay Relevant in a Competitive Labour Market
Colin Welch 15th October 2019
The world we live in today is markedly different than the one in which our parents grew up: communications are ne...
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5 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out
Lulu Chang 1st October 2019
There is no doubt that you would make a phenomenal first impression if you had the luxury of making that impressi...
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Changing Careers: Knowing when it’s Time and How to Do It
Hiperpool 24th September 2019
For a professional in the early part of the 20th century, a “lifelong job” was the ultimate dream. People graduat...
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Three Approaches to Accelerate Building Professional Relationships
Maren Mellen 28th August 2019
In this article you’ll learn: Why building positive professional relationships is important to your career ...
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Interviewing with a Startup: The Essential Guide for Candidates without Startup Experience
Sydney Maxwell 21st May 2019
In this article you’ll learn: What makes interviewing with a startup different What you should know about...
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How to write a Thank-You note
Antonio Leone 21st August 2018
In our “Should you send a thank you note after an interview post?” we highlighted the importance of sending a tha...
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Should you send a Thank-You note after an interview?
Antonio Leone 15th August 2018
“80% of hiring managers consider a thank-you note influential when evaluating candidates.” Whenever you finish...
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7 tips to improve your resume
Antonio Leone 3rd August 2018
1. Adapt your Resume to the Specific Opportunity With every role and organisation, the responsibilities and th...
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3 tips for managing work while on vacation
Antonio Leone 27th July 2018
Everyone will agree that the first step before going on vacation includes setting up an email and voicemail alert...
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5 tips to make the most of your MBA internship
Antonio Leone 4th July 2018
Dear MBA Interns, Many of you will have completed the first week of your summer internships in corporate strat...
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How to master the management consultancy interview
Hiperpool 18th June 2017
Consultancy interviews challenge candidates to prove their worth. They are also unique compared to other types of...
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