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Consultancy has always been an attractive career path due to its varied nature. Because you develop so many transferable skills you can succeed in a wide range of careers. This can include large corporations, investment management or advisory firms. We look into exactly where consultants are looking to go.

Corporate giants remain on top

Most consultancy firms offer a wealth of resources to help you prepare. It is important that you use them. These range fromLarge corporate firms are top of list with a huge 88% of consultants considering a move there. They tend to have excellent benefit packages, vast support networks and training allowances. It isn’t difficult to see why this is an attractive career move. The most common reason for wanting to move to a corporate is for a better work-life balance.

The rise of start ups

We’re still living in an age of disruption. Companies built out of garages have become integral parts of our day-to-day life. Start ups are impacting the way we travel, shop and eat on a daily basis. We found that 4 out of 5 consultants are ready to step away from the safety net of life in a large corporate and pursue an entrepreneurial path.

We spoke to ex-consultant and co-founder of Hiperpool, Antonio Leone, to find out more:

“Working in consultancy you get a real taste for freedom. The steep learning curve and early responsibility provides a solid foundation for professional growth. I found myself eager to work in a startup because of the chance to make a direct impact, its fast-paced nature and the undeniable passion involved. Once you see how much your idea can change the lives of those around you, you’ll never go back.”

Favourite roles post consultancy

When it comes to preferred roles we uncovered some clear trends. 85% of consultants said would consider Corporate Strategy. The opportunity to set the strategic direction of a company is very enticing.

Many expressed interest in a diverse Business Development role. As a similarly broad discipline to consultancy, it offers many exciting challenges that are dependant on the business need. This could be anything from cultivating business partnerships to identifying new markets.

Over half of consultants stated they would be happy to remain in consulting but are open to a change in employer. Changing company can offer better progression, preferable locations and better benefit packages.

Just shy of half find product management roles attractive. A slightly different pursuit that is a good fit for consultants due to the similar skills involved.  Experience in strategy and analytics is incredibly useful in this role.

(Statistics are taken from Hiperpool’s own proprietary data sources.) 

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