Have a friend who might be open to opportunities? Have a look at our referral scheme!

At Hiperpool we’re not only looking to help you advance to the next stage of your career – we’re interested in building a community of professionals with experience in strategy, consulting, M&A and similar disciplines.

You can play a part in our development by joining our referral scheme and sharing the Hiperpool platform with your friends, giving you the chance of earning £1,000 ($1,500).

The scheme has already enjoyed it’s very own success story.

In September 2017, Amanda McCarthy referred John Eshelman to Hiperpool. With the help of Hiperpool, John landed a role as Manager, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at Grovo.

Check out our interview with Amanda below:

How did you find out about Hiperpool?

I first learned of Hiperpool through an advertisement on my LinkedIn news feed.

What made you want to refer?

After reading about Hiperpool, it sounded like a great targeted service for consultants looking to explore new opportunities. While I was not actively looking for new roles, I wanted to share the service with my boyfriend who was starting to explore life beyond consulting.

How is John liking his new role?

John loves his new role in Business Development and Strategic Partnerships.

Any specific use of the $1,500?

We are planning a wedding, so the $1,500 has gone into the wedding fund!

How would you describe your experience with Hiperpool?

The team at Hiperpool has been incredibly responsive and supportive! What stands out to me about the service is how targeted the opportunities are.


Looking to emulate the success of Amanda and John? We have all the answers for you right here. 

How can I refer a friend?

It’s simple really. Make sure you’ve signed yourself up to the Hiperpool platform. Once your profile has been approved, sign in to your profile and make sure to click on the Earn £1K option on the upper right hand side of your screen.

Invite your friends through your unique special link or through an email. That’s all of your side of the work done and dusted.

What next?

Should your friend be accepted onto our platform, and go on to land their dream job, we’ll be in touch to let you know! You can start thinking about how to spend your £1,000 / $1,500.

What if I refer Hiperpool to a friend through word of mouth?

To stand a chance of earning our special bonus, sign-ups have to come through the unique special link or email that is sent directly from the Hiperpool platform. In other words, your friend must access the Hiperpool website through the link or email sent from you to validate the referral.

Is there an expiry date on this opportunity?

Not at all. Even if your friend earns a job quite some time after being referred by you, you will still be entitled to receiving £1,000 / $1,500.

If my friend is already a member of Hiperpool does that rule me out of contention?

If your friend has already signed up to our platform prior to your referral, you are unfortunately ineligible to receive a bonus if they do find a job. Thank you for spreading the word anyway!



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