Hiperpool recently visited TechDay London, where we met a range of different startups. Within the hustle and bustle of Old Billingsgate, a number of companies caught our eye with their innovative ideas and startup stories. We were able to ask them a few questions regarding their startups, as they shared valuable insights into their product and service. 

Orca Scan

We were able to speak to Thomas Christensen, co-founder of Orca Scan – who seek to make custom barcode solutions for companies without the hassle of hardware and technical expertise.

What does Orca Scan do?

We make it easier for companies to build custom barcode solutions. For the last 40 years, building a bar code system has only been exclusive to the big enterprises and that’s because of the hardware that goes into it, the software engineers that are required to build the technology to actually do it, and often the expensive consultants that come with it. We allow companies to build it from just a mobile app and web page spreadsheet much like Google Sheets. By doing that we make it easier for them to track their assets or their inventory. Instead of doing it with pen and paper they can do that with a mobile app.

What led to the idea?

The company was initially founded when John, my co-founder – his son came home from a summer job where he had to scan thousands of solar panels on a solar farm. He was using a hardware device to do that and he had to press the button every time it scanned; it couldn’t continue to scan. John initially built a mobile app that could continuously scan instead. They put it on the stick and you could walk along the racks of solar panels and it would go “beep”. So, we put it up on the app store and it started picking up traction amongst the biggest corporations in the world. That was how it came about.

What does the future look like for Orca Scan?

We want to make it possible for every single person and company to have a digital system to track assets and inventory – things that almost every single company needs to do. Most of them are currently using pen and paper which is a huge killer of productivity. We cannot help but think about developing countries as well. Billions of people are going to come online in the next 5-10 years and they’re not going to go buy a laptop or a hardware device – they’re all going to go with their mobile phones to the app store. We want to be there for them.


Triinu Pitk, HR Director at Monese, introduced us to Monese and how it stands out in the banking industry.

What is Monese?

We are a mobile banking application. So basically, we act as a bank but we are not a normal high street bank so to speak. We do things in a much more innovative and comfortable way. We help people who maybe can’t get a bank account in a new country if they relocate. We support the UK market as well as the entire eurozone. We are present in 20 different countries.

How does Monese radically differ from other banks?

We have everything mobile only. We don’t have offices, we don’t have a web interface. When we compare ourselves to say our biggest competitors; Monzo or Revolut, they are just making banking more comfortable, but we are also here to solve a problem. Nowadays people are relocating a lot – they go to a new country for a new job or experience, and in each country they need a new bank account, but with us they don’t. They can always use Monese wherever they are from and wherever they relocate. For expats and digital nomads, it’s the way to go.

What led to the idea?

The company was founded five years ago. Our founder and CEO, Norris Koppel is originally from Estonia. It was around twenty years ago when Norris first came to the UK and he was struggling to open a bank account because he didn’t have the credit history here. He came back to this idea and made it happen. We have been offering the service to our customers the past three years, and we are definitely going forward. Our end goal is to be a global bank.


Mikael Metthey, CEO and co-founder of Careviz, shared his story regarding the mobile health application that seeks to provide guidance to cancer patients and their family; building a community of people and resources to help them during their treatment, as well as after. 

What is Careviz?

Careviz is a mobile health app to improve the lives of cancer patients and their loved ones. We do this by putting patients in the driving seat of their medical journey. We are trying to eradicate the notion of isolation during treatment.

What are some key features of the application?

Patients engage with the community to find more support, they use symptom monitoring tools to feel more in control and purchase wellbeing products on our store to improve their quality of life. Patients also benefit from the Chatbot, getting assistance to navigate the app and monitor their symptoms.

What led to the idea?

The idea started from a very personal journey. Both our family members were diagnosed and suffered from cancer so this is very much an emotional journey. We are trying to bring our skills into a social venture that is going to make an impact. The company was incorporated in April last year and we are now building traction.

The goal going forward?

The goal is to have the biggest impact possible. We want to reach the millions of people who are suffering from cancer, and we want to make them more comfortable and more connected.


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